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The Elizabeth Line opens this month

The London Underground gets a new line on May 24th. Eventually, you can take the Elizabeth Line from Heathrow to Essex in one go; for now, you have to change twice. But it still adds about 10% more capacity to the Tube:

The Elizabeth line will initially operate as three separate railways, with services from Reading, Heathrow and Shenfield connecting with the central tunnels from autumn this year. When the final stage is complete, customers will be able to travel seamlessly from Abbey Wood to Heathrow and Reading, and from Shenfield to Heathrow.

  • Shenfield and the central section of the route will need to change trains at Liverpool Street, walking to/from the new Elizabeth line Liverpool Street station
  • Reading or Heathrow and the central section will need to change trains at Paddington, walking to/from the new Paddington Elizabeth line station
  • Paddington and Abbey Wood only - no changes needed

The line has all-new trains, all-new signals, and all-new controls, making it "one of the most complex digital railways in the world," according to TfL.

The Heathrow to Paddington route looks like it could give the Heathrow Express some competition, as £6 is less than £25, even if the route takes twice as long.

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  • David Harper

    5/14/2022 7:49:09 AM +00:00 |

    The Heathrow link will be a very welcome addition to the public transport options from the airport, although some travellers may still find the Piccadilly Line to be a better choice.  For example, I live close to Cambridge, so when I fly from Heathrow, I take a fast train to Kings Cross and then the Piccadilly Line, choosing a train that calls at the terminal I need.
    I once managed to make the journey from Heathrow to home in three hours, from stepping off the plane to arriving at my front door, and that included going through immigration and customs, and the bus journey from Cambridge city centre to the village where I live. I doubt that the Elizabeth Line would have made the journey any faster!

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